1. New details about the Yellow King arise!


  2. Wish this was my day at the office - This brotha is one MAD MAN: Don-O-Mite


  3. Lost my Dawg

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  4. Comeback Kid


  5. I’m Rick James!


  6. benzank:

    Suits (2013) -  Ben Zank

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  7. Press the Danger button ya’ll! ~~>


  8. The Shock attempts to save the world. Although he tries to be super, he’s really not that good at it….


  9. Do you have a problem with Social Media?


  10. Burn with dees dudes!


  11. DC’s movement


  12. DKNY celebrates the spirit of the Superbowl with a fun round of catch with Super Models Cara Delevigne, Jourdan Dunn, and Eliza Cummings. Did I forget to mention A$AP Rocky in as referees? Who do you want on your team?


  13. Finding the perfect gift for that special someone…


  14. vanguardbots:

    Valkyrie 1 Superhero Robot #NASA


  15. Such a permanent story.